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How to Make Your Men’s Cave

3 men having a chat over a drink

Psychologists say that a man needs personal space. Experiencing stress, a woman in a hurry to share problems with loved ones, and a man prefers to digest and ponder the problem in private. We already knew this, we just decided to sort out the problem with the arrangement of the men’s cave in the proper way.

All observations about men and women were described by John Gray in his book “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”. It was not about any specific space for a man, but about a personal space where no one would bother him. Since that time, such personal spaces began to appear everywhere and eventually acquired a new meaning – men cave.

6 rules for arranging personal space for men:

1. Refrigerator

It is desirable to be of considerable size to accommodate beer, and not far from the refrigerator to allocate a shelf or place for snacks.

2. TV

Better if it will be more than a refrigerator. Do not forget about the sound (take care of this by purchasing a good audio system). You can still have a game console.

3. Sofa

A necessary household item for relaxation. Preferably large, soft and most importantly – leather. We apologize for the show off, these are the traditions. In addition to the sofa, a couple of chairs in which you can: fall apart properly, drink beer and take a nap.

4. Bar or place for alcohol

The pride of every man, pleasing to the eye every time you look at her. Reflections over the bar. In the “men’s cave” – a necessary attribute of the interior.

5. Table

Must have. Can a coffee table. You do not have to buy a table, you can make it yourself from a wine barrel.

6. Walls

Posters, posters, paintings, pennants – this junk is useful. Unforgettable about masonry or other ways to decorate walls, and also about shelves with books or things dear to the soul.

Personal Style

Analyze what style you choose in clothes and relay your addictions to the interior of your home. If classic things prevail in your wardrobe, look for items that look as solid and solid as the men’s “threefold”.

If you are a creative and enthusiastic person, a hedonist and a connoisseur of beauty, think about the furniture of designers from the middle of the last century, today it is as relevant as it was 50 years ago.

If you value freedom the most, you may be interested in the freedom of loft-style. But always choose materials that will age perfectly: natural stone, wood, tin, copper or leather, which even looks worn authentic.