Woodcarving for Kids – What to Start From

wood carved elefant figures

Is it safe to let a small child make crafts from real wood, with real tools? No, of course, saws and nails, hammers are very dangerous for the child, even under the supervision of an adult. You need to learn to work with them, but later, at school age. Craftsmanship is loved by children of any age, including boys who dream of making real wood crafts. How to combine creativity and safety?

Children want to act like adults, and that’s fine. They grow rapidly, but in childhood try to imitate us by any means available. Finding a safe way for children to craft as adults is not easy: carpentry is on the safe list today, provided you buy a special safe kit. There are such sets today!

Hammers, nails, screws, sharp tools, sharp parts made of natural wood, rotating saw blades are safe for adults who know how to work with them; but we don’t even consider giving our little son real wood carving tools, even under our supervision. Because it is very dangerous, and hand injuries cannot be avoided. It is more comfortable to involve the child in cooking or baking experiments, physical and chemical experiments, photographing, designing.

But the boys dream of building and working with wood. So, we find a way to make the impossible possible.

Fortunately, today there are many toys that give children a safe way to develop their favorite hobbies, and without making a big mess.

Toys that look like real building kits give children a safe way to design, create and cut materials. Using a special tool of a special set, which will not really cut wood, but still cut the material, children can safely cut sheets of dense foam, which looks exactly like a real tree. When cutting into pieces, it even sounds like they are cutting a real tree! Using small plastic, reusable nails and screws, as well as a hammer, children can fasten the cut pieces together to assemble their design according to the drawing.

The kit contains assembly instructions, but children who can invent their own design project themselves can do something from scratch, according to their sketch. You don’t have to spend an hour trying to remove a splinter, you don’t have to run to the medicine cabinet for the patch: these sets are really safe, and you can safely let the child “cut the tree” and build what he intended.

Besides being fun activities for children, there are many advantages of real building kits.

1. They are cost effective. In addition to safety, money is also an important reason that often forces parents to say no to children’s requests for something to buy. None of the parents like spending a lot of money to buy all the tools, equipment, materials and accessories for their new hobby. What if he only tries once, and then does not want to continue to develop a new hobby? Where to put all the just bought materials and tools?

The deluxe wood set with tools includes all the tools and materials to make 8 different projects. It’s a lot. Trying is more than enough. The starter kit is the perfect gift for a birthday or a rainy day on vacation. This game will take the child a long time, it’s worth it. The price of the kit is relatively low.

2. Construction is a new experience for children. Most of the children still have not touched in instruments that are not toys, with which you can really do something interesting, real. For kids who want to carve more than simple buildings, you can buy gears and other add-ons, there are expansion kits with motorized parts that give children the opportunity to build boats that can really then be launched on the water.

3. There is no mess. Scraps can be recycled and used for other projects, the child will not ruin the furniture during work, will not scratch anything, and you will not have to clean the sawdust for hours (which happens when working with real wood).

4. These kits are really safe. You will no longer have to feel guilty, depriving your children of activities that they really want to do, but which are dangerous. A child can calmly and enthusiastically saw something, beat, collect mock-ups, and it’s difficult to convey what a relief it is for parents to understand that the child will not get hurt!